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Cage the Chameleons

For the past 5 years Cage the Chameleons' main focus has been on Montane species. Only a few years after bringing home our very first chameleon, a little veiled, we went to the Red Deer Reptile Expo where we laid eyes on a pair of chameleons we had never even heard of before; Trioceros Jacksonii Merumontanus and we fell in love. We have continued in the montane direction ever since. 
We later brought in a group of Trioceros Montiums, which had never seen the Canadian market before. There have not been very many individuals who have successfully breed these species in captivity so the amount of information is very limited. Through trial and error, we were able to successfully breed F2 Montiums and help other breeders out as well by exchanging blood lines. 
At this current moment we are focusing our breeding on Trioceros Jacksonii Jacksonii. After waiting a few years for an import we were able to bring in a 3:4 group in which 3 of the females had babies. Luckily now we have multiple bloodlines to work with and hopefully strengthen this species in Canada. 
We take pride in everything we do here and want to see the animals we produce thrive and live a great life in their new homes. We have dedicated the past 9 years to bringing diversity to Canada and trying to educate and guide customers along to the best of our abilities, as well as the general public.

Available Chameleons

Spring 2021!

Trioceros jacksonii jacksoni babies are expected in late spring/early summer 2021!

Cage the babies!

New born TJJ's

Sooooo cute!

Past projects

Trioceros montium

Cameroon meets the maple leaf.

Intimidation factor?

A rainbow with horns...and what horns they are!

Just look at those thick stems!  Can you say rainbow rostral process 5 times fast?

Unicorns do exist!

One of a kind

It's rare, but they sometimes come in ones.

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