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Kaizen Chameleons

Our vision is of a united community of hobbyists, breeders, importers and more. Canada is a small country that presents unique challenges for captive husbandry, species variety, and reliable sources for equipment, feeders and other supplies. Only together can we meet and overcome these challenges, and sustain this special hobby.  

We currently work with Trioceros jacksonii xantholophus, but are anxiously awaiting a couple pairs of Calumma parsonii!  In addition to our breeding efforts with xantholophus, we also keep several Furcifer pardalis, Chamaeleo calyptratus, and Trioceros jacksonii jacksoni--though we do not breed them.  




Available Chameleons

Trioceros jacksonii xantholophus

These little guys will be available in May 2021, please contact for more information.


Miss Pickles

This is a very special female.  She was our first xanth, and has produced 2 litters of babies with a 100% success rate. Among the friendliest of our chamily, Miss pickles is about as stress free as they come--giving birth to 20 babies, and hand-feeding right after.  She is a real cool cucumber!  While we find ourselves increasingly challenged to satisfy this, all babies from her line are pickle-esque!



Our first Male Xanth, Rhino came in with Miss Pickles.  He's a fairly chill xanth, but is picky about his food--preferring dark coloured food items such as darkling beetles, Surinam roaches and all sorts of flies, while shunning crickets and worms.



One of our newest males!  Skunk is still a bit shy, but he's coming around.  While he isn't a picky eater, his favourite food is snails.



This female's got an appetite, but not if you're watching!



Liza is also new.  She seems confident but not overly friendly.


Neonate Facilities

All our babies are individually raised--spending their first few months in our neonate enclosures.


Outdoor Rearing

From May-September, our babies grow on in our outdoor nurseries until they are ready for sale between 5 and 6 months.


Greenhouse Facilities

In the winter, we move our entire chamily into our heated greenhouse.

Kaizen Chameleons: Services
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