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Peach Tree Chameleons

Our goal at Peach Tree Chameleons is to produce captive bred chameleons for Canadian hobbyists.  We're a hobby breeder bringing you only the best quality healthy animals.

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Canadian Breeders: Welcome

Canadian Chameleon Breeders


Current Projects:

  • Bradipodion thamnobates

  • Brookesia thieli

  • Trioceros perreti

  • Trioceros Cristatus​


Current Projects:

  • Trioceros jacksonii jacksoni--the rainbow jackson's!


Current Projects:

  • Panthers!  (Furcifer pardalis​​)

generation reptile 21.jpg

Génération Reptiles

Current Projects:

  • Ambanja and Ambilobe Panthers (Furcifer pardalis)

Future projects:

  •  Orange Eye and Yellow Giant Parson's (Calumma parsonii)


Current projects:

  • Xantholophus

Projects coming soon:​

  • Parsonii!

tamara 1.jpg

Current Projects:

  • Veiled Chameleons (calyptratus)

  • Ambilobe Panther Chameleons (pardalis)

Canadian Breeders: Canadian Breeders
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